Police brutality: police in Bambili North West Cameroon beat young male to death while in police detention 

​​  Ben’ coffin in front of Bambili police station while his family and friends watch and mourn 

​ the love ones try to carry out a conversation with the police;  instead the police throws tear gas and shoots bullets at the crowd

Ten things you should know about me

I was born in Manyemen, raised in Yaounde, Cameroon. To add, I lived in Kumba for the first few years of my life.
My childhood dream was to become a model (mannequin) as it was referred to in French magazines. That dream didn’t last long. Partly because my parents are Cameroonians (Go Figure!).
My major in undergrad was Mechanical Engineering and Premed. I switched in junior year to nursing after learning about the amazing ways nurses change people’s life. That is one of the best decisions I’ve  ever made.
I truly love election time. Sadly, I have never voted for a political representative in my country.
If I could eat abe nchi, abe bekang, equang, quakoko and mbanga soup, and eru every day—I would.
I love to cook. I am not a big fan of salty treats.
In elementary school, my cousin Lulu and I would ring people’s bells as we walked home. Sometime To know who had dogs and also just to play with the telephone bells.
I hate bananas. I cant stand them. I do enjoy it in cake or other pastries.
My favorite time is conversations with friends and family. I am grateful for them.
I love music. I love dancing. I can dance to the music in my head. I am also secretly jealous of artists; the way they sing and play instruments.